Lynne Riding - 2015

My interests lie in the subtle undercurrents, the not so blatant, crude or obvious;

that which lies between the obvious.

Growing up in Mid Wales and surrounded by the power and the beauty of that landscape, instilled in me, an ever, abiding awe and interest in the particular landscape that I find myself inhabiting. 

My work continues to be concerned with impermanence, human frailty - the ephemeral nature of what we call reality, aligned with the dichotomy of enduring hope.

I work in an investigative manner, using drawing in the landscape or urban environment as my basis and then moving to the studio for reflection and development. Although my work is of an abstract nature, it always stems from the place and surroundings in which I find myself, from color observed, a line seen in space, or the found object. 

I endeavor while painting, to deal with traces of experience, concerned with fleeting time, a negotiation of energy from form to formlessness and back again, the balance between clarity and uncertainty.

Quote:- Sarah Billipp, Artist profile, "Charleston Magazine"

"Riding's thoughtful placement of a line on a canvas transforms physical landscapes into ethereal representations of experience. It's as if she steps into the collective psyche of what it is to live and feel and wonder and then deftly picks up her brush and lays her mark on that meaning."